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“A picture tells a thousand words” as the saying goes. There is nothing nicer than receiving a lovely photo of a loved one as a present. Either as a simple print that you can stick in a frame yourself or as a finished piece of wall art.

For those of you who knew my Digital Photo Magic website you may well be familiar with my huge range of print products from simple prints (any size from 6″ x 4″, all the way up to 44″ x 72″), through block mounts to acrylics and canvases, not to mention album production, montages and much, much more.

Rather than reproduce everything on my products website here, just click the link that interests you below or just click the general products link to see them all:

Don’t forget, apart from the albums, I print and manufacture absolutely everything myself so enabling me to offer huge savings over my competitors at a quality that my customers have come to expect from me at Stephen Johnson Photography and Digital Photo Magic.

If, amongst all that you don’t find the product you want, just drop me a line and I’ll see if I can manufacture it for you. Most of my products have come from client requests and I am rarely if ever beaten by an idea.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Stephen Johnson

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