Lockdown Walks

Lockdown Walks – No9 – Friday 13th Nov 2020 Nyman’s Gardens

  • November 13, 2020

I’m so glad we got the tickets for Nyman’s Gardens this morning, it was a bit grey and driseling when we got there but after about 15 mins the sun came out and the walk was absolutely gorgeous, despite the mud . . . and there was a lot of mud! So worth it. we chose the long woodland walk, which to be honest, isn’t that long, only about 4km but lots of ups and downs along the way . . .

As you’ll see, I took a lot today so without any further wittering on my part I’ll get on with the pics . . . Oh, and no annoying captions . . .

Phew, that’s it for today, now were just wondering where we’ll be walking over the weekend as it looks as though it’s going to get even wetter! I’m happy to take the camera out if it’s not too bad, but if it’s pouring we’ll still walk but unfortunately, as you can imagine, I can’t risk the camera . . . after all, one day soon I might be able to start earning a living again!

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