Lockdown Walks

Lockdown Walks – No7 – Wednesday 11th Nov 2020 At Home . . .

  • November 11, 2020

I have to admit that today is a little bit of a cop out . . . only in as much that I am walking and it will be a fairly long one, approx 8.5km BUT, not until this evening when it will be dark. I will be taking my camera with me but opportunities may well be very light on the ground . . . .

So, in the spirit of something being posted every day I thought I’d get my macro lens out in the garden and see what there is to shoot out there. Then . . . yes, more excuses, it started raining!!! I know, I hear you all say poor Stephen . . . maybe not!

Obviously the rose wasn’t in the garden, it was in a buch of flowers I bought my wife for our 38th (yes I’m that old) anniversary last week and they were so beautiful I just had to get a pic of at least one of them!

Anyway, this is what I managed to get . . .

That’s about it for now, if I do manage to get anything interesting this evening I’ll add it to this blog post in the morning.

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