Lockdown Walks

Lockdown Walks – No10 – Saturday 14th Nov 2020 – Tilgate Lakes

  • November 14, 2020

Well, as expected today was a complete washout as far as photography is concerned. I’m afraid is was just to wet to take out my camera. Absolutely pouring with rain all morning . . . however, that didn’t stop us from walking! A lovely, but very wet, 6km through the forest to Tilgate Lake to feed the swans, ducks, geese, moorhens, seagulls and basically whatever else turned up as we took plenty . . . NOT BREAD!

Please DON’T feed the waterfowl bread it really isn’t good for them and unfortunately they don’t know that so will still eat everything you give them. Get some swan and duck food from your local pet store or garden centre. It’s not very expensive and it will be far better for them.

OK, the walk wasn’t a complete washout, I did manage to get a little video footage on my phone (sorry, I absolutely hate using a phone for stills) but i only realise now trying to upload them that they will not load directly into my blog so I have popped them on my YouTube Channel and linked them. I hope it works OK!

Tomorrow looks like it might be more of the same so we’ll have to see what I decide to do in the morning. I guess I’ll have to try to get creative!!

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