Photo Booth – Perfect for that Christmas Party or Wedding reception!

I only call it a “photo booth” because most people know what that is, but please believe me, this is MUCH, much more than just a photo booth! It should really be called a “Mobile Studio” as it’s a full photographic studio set up at your function with me, a professional photographer posing your guests and actually taking the photos ALL EVENING, of course with loads of props and a variety of backdrops although the black sparkly one is by far the most popular!

This means I can help pose you, create much larger group shots than would be possible in a standard photo booth and even supply “print on the night” photos if that’s what you want. I can do serious, glamorous, silly and everything in between. I can even to a variety of “special edits” and “effects” that are impossible in a traditional photo booth . . . . I don’t simply print what comes out of the camera, we edit onsite and print, on demand, just for you!

To see a lot more examples of the types of shots you can expect simply CLICK HERE or any or the images below to be magically transported to my “Mobile studio” portfolio.


With my Mobile Studio you get far more than an ordinary photo booth. Images from the classy to the silly and multiple people. All is possible. Just browse my sample gallery to get an idea of the kind of shots you can expect.

Pricing – there are several ways this can be funded and my customers and I are coming up with more all the time, but here are the most popular:

  1. A simple £250.00 attendance fee. I turn up shoot in the mobile studio all evening and you get a disk with all the images for your own personal use (not for distribution). Your guests can then purchase prints on the night at just £10.00 (print only) or £15.00 supplied in a mount. All prints are pro quality, glossy, 6 x 9 prints packed in clear photo sleeves.
  2. A fixed fee of £400.00 and all prints for the evening are charged to your guests at half price, that’s just £5.00/print!
  3. A fixed fee of between £500.00 – £650.00 (depending on duration and venue) which includes the studio, unlimited prints (fair play rule applies** see below) printed on the night as 6″ x 9″ pro quality glossy prints for your guests to take away on the evening.

I am more than happy to discuss bespoke requirements if you have an idea of your own.

Just call to discuss.



**My fair play rule . . . any photo with up to three people in then each person can have a print!

Any image that contains more than three people, we will print three free prints. Any additional prints to the initial three will charged at a nominal fee of £5.00 each.

Multiple prints of the same image in addition to the number of people included in the image will also be charged at the same nominal rate of just £5.00. So if there is one person in an image and they want three copies then the first one is free and the two additional copies are £5.00 each . . . . .

If I take a series of similar images of the same group they can pick their favourite image only and the above then applies to that image, your guests can visit the studio as often as they like and there is no limit to the number of images they can have other than the above . . . .

On many occasions we are more than prepared to relax the above rules but from past experience I need to have some form of rules in place as some people really do take the ****. I hope you understand.

3 Comments on Photo Booth – Perfect for that Christmas Party or Wedding reception!

  • Izzie says:
    February 21, 2016 at 10:31 am

    We met at Denise and Aymen’s wedding last weekend and you suggested a photo session with my partners eldest daughter Keely. I think it would be good for her confidence so could you send me some more details of what a session might include?

    Many thanks. Izzie.


    • stephenj_admin says:
      March 7, 2016 at 4:27 pm

      Hi Izzie, any more thoughts on my earlier e-mail detailing my services??



      • Bette says:
        July 6, 2016 at 12:59 am

        That’s really thnnkiig at a high level


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