Engagement Shoots

Engagement shoots are a wonderful way to get used to the camera as well as get a load of fabulous images prior to the big day.

Since I launched this service for my customers, it is now very heavily discounted to my brides & grooms as I find that it helps me a great deal at the wedding. I find that the brides especially are far more relaxed and confident in front of the camera which not only allows me to take some much nicer, more relaxed shots but also take quite a few more. It’s also a really great bonding experience for us both, photographer and customer.

I usually like to go over into Tilgate Forest (easy walking distance from my home) but if you have a special reason for wanting it to be somewhere else this can be done although please understand, there may be a small extra charge for this depending on where we go.

Please have a good look through my sample gallery (by simply clicking the image below) and get a feel for the kind of shots we can achieve during one of these sessions.

Customers (mainly brides, sorry girls) usually expect me to teach them how to pose, but in reality I usually end up teaching them how not too . . . . but having said that, everyone has what I call “a look” which suits them best, this kind of shoot allows me to explore this and advise on what will work best for the wedding.